Types of Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles: These are the most common types of puzzles and are also among the oldest. It essentially involves joining of pieces that were once one and after combining they give a full image or a shape or a solution.

Word Puzzles: Anagrams and crosswords are the most common type of Word puzzles and adorn the back pages of newspapers each day. The word puzzles are popular among adults since they require the solver to have a certain level of literary skills.

Logic Puzzles: These puzzles include different type of puzzles that are either math based or shape based. Sudoku is a popular logic puzzles that requires the solver to have basic mathematical skills.

Combination Puzzles: Combination puzzles are made with wood or plastic and have some kind of mechanism that requires all the pieces to be in particular order to solve it. Rubik's cube is a popular form of combination puzzle which requires the user to solve a 3D color combination. It is one of the toughest puzzles that on can find.

Tiling Puzzles: Tiling puzzles involve assembling flat surface on top of one another in order to make the tallest structure without falling. A few puzzles involve dissecting the formed structure without affecting the integrity. A few examples of these puzzles include, Puzz-3D, Domino tiling and Conway puzzle.

Construction Puzzles: Construction puzzles require joining the given pieces in a particular way. This category includes different types of mechanical puzzles and stick puzzles.

Picture Puzzles: These are popular with kids under five years of age and involve spotting the difference between two pictures, connecting the dots and other such simple puzzles. These test kids imagination skills.



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