Popular Puzzles

Apart from the historic Jigsaw puzzles, there are hundreds of other puzzles available in the market that attracts people of all age group. From these a few have become more popular than others and have a huge number of people who have made it their hobby. Some of the most popular puzzles are:

Crossword: A crossword puzzle has become a part of every newspaper. There are a huge number of people who love solving puzzles. A crossword is considered to be a staple entertainment for newspaper readers around the world. A crossword puzzle is a literary maze, where the solver needs to find the exact words that will fit into the empty squares, in order to get the whole square completed.

Rubik's Cube: A Rubix cube is a 3-dimensional mechanical puzzle that has six faces with six different colors, separated into nine inter-changeable stickers. The solver needs to bring all stickers of the same color on one side. This is the largest selling puzzle, with more than 350 million of these sold around the world by 2009. There have been many variations of the rubix cube since the past few years, however the nine faced one is the most popular one.

Soduko: While cross word puzzle requires a user to have good literary skills, a Soduko puzzle requires a solver to have basic mathematical skills. Soduko have become popular in the past few years and today accompany crossword puzzles in newspapers and have annual competitions.



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